Lonnie Chu

  • Foreign language educator (Spanish, ESOL)
  • Content writer and editor
  • Vocalist: flamenco, fado, French, Italian, Spanish, classic jazz, etc

I adore teaching online whenever I can, but also find face-to-face classrooms particularly invigorating. The secret to motivation in an online course lies in meeting the challenge of re-creating online the pleasures of face-to-face interaction. At the same time, given the many ways in which students use online environments, the secret to face-to-face classes is identifying what is motivating about online communication and re-creating something similar and appropriate in the classroom.

While I don’t use “MOOs” much any more, my MundoHispano, the world’s first (1994) large Spanish-language social network, has been re-opened and available to anyone who wants to meander through its thousands of rooms.

Feel free to drop me a line via the Contact page. If you were looking for something that isn’t here any more, let me know… it’s probably around here somewhere.