Foreign language educator (Spanish, ESOL) Content writer and editor Vocalist: flamenco, fado, French, Italian, classic jazz, etc I adore teaching online whenever I can, but also find face-to-face classrooms particularly invigorating. The secret to motivation in an online course lies in meeting the challenge of re-creating online the pleasures of face-to-face interaction. At the same time, given […]


Dave and I both love to grow and cook food. We’re happy to eat really great food at any price level, too. We have our own food blog, Chus On Chow, and I’ve been the webmaster for Community Supported Agriculture CNY. My passion for facilitating Eastwood’s economic development along sustainable lines, in concert with its […]


My online-only papers and informational web pages (Published papers on CV page) “MOOing in a foreign language: how, why, and who?” – paper written for the Information Technology Education Connection’s International Virtual Conference/Exhibition on Schooling and the Information Superhighway, 1996 “MOO and Chat: what’s the big difference to the language learner?” – informal paper, recently […]


Multi-user Virtual Environments (MUVEs) My experience in the development of the use of the Internet for foreign language education goes back to 1993. I have concentrated most heavily on email and Multi-User Domains (MUDs) like MOO and VICs, but have used and created email forums, websites, and a variety of chat environments for my students […]

Curriculum Vitae

Skills summary Teacher: teaching and training adults in academia and privately, face-to-face and online. Proficient in Blackboard, Angel and Canvas. Writer, editor, proofreader:  published author, over five years experience as print and online writer/editor, deep understanding of language. Online community developer: created and administered dozens of online communities for a variety of platforms that have been […]