Dynamics Unlimited, the company Mike and his wife, Ruth, ran with his various in-laws and outlaws, specialized in the world's smallest remote-controlled airplanes and parts.  An example of the kinds of things they designed and built:

Microbatics-BLC-1 Single Cell Brushless Motor controller
It's really that small.
Brushless motor controller

3-channel receiver:

4-channel receiver:

Interior gear drive:

The Skeeter - weighing just 7 grams!

Mike is now employed as a programmer analyst at Welch Allyn in Skaneateles, NY.  In his spare time he's developing a brushless motor controller for an electric motorcycle. Video1  Video2  Video3

His free-flight Sun Conure parrot, Leo, has "friends" around the world. See Leo's videos for some of the funniest tricks a parrot can do.


Last updated 02/09/09