Dave and I both love to grow and cook food. We’re happy to eat really great food at any price level, too. We have our own food blog, Chus On Chow, and I’ve been the webmaster for Community Supported Agriculture CNY, and Slow Food CNY.

My passion for facilitating Eastwood’s economic development along sustainable lines, in concert with its James Street Overlay District Guidelines, resulted in the website Walkable Eastwood and a couple of drug stores being built correctly in our business district (and saving the Steak and Sundae building! It now houses ice cream again, at Fifi’s Ice Cream).

For some of the best language fun on the web, see this Japanese Engrish site. Dig down into the picture files, it gets better and better.

And while we’re on the subject, see these Amazing English Sentences.

You’ll find this elsewhere on this site, but it’s as much fun as it is serious: Taboo language for learners of English – links and ideas.

I just love The Answer Machine. In 1964, the personal computer as we know it and many of the functions we enjoy was already envisioned.

Lonnie Chu 2014

Homeschooling your kid? Take time for A Revolutionary War Weekend. I did this with my kid. He went on to become a chef (as far as he could get from history).

How about a different take on “patriotic” ambition. Did you know Americans have invaded Canada and have maintained plans to do so? The last actual raids into Canada took place as late as the Civil War era: The Fenian Raids.

I like…
a little involvement with public art, too.

I like… open-minded people who share my vision of empowering people to do wonderful things with their own talents. My passion: transforming education through the power of authentic experience, both on-line and off.

But I love…

… my best friend and husband, step-dad to my kids, David Chu, brilliant web developer, flamenco guitarist, NSCA certified personal trainer, blogger.  “Wind beneath my wings” says it all…

Dave and Lonnie got married on February 16, 2001.

… and I also love… (Here it comes!) my kids!

Scott turned his love of fire and knives into his passion and his work: cooking.  His reading material: Anthony Bourdain, Michael Ruhlman, and The Professional Chef. He worked in restaurants all over the Syracuse area, then got his culinary certification from Job Corps.  In 2008 he graduated for the second time from the  the Culinary Institute of America; his degrees are in culinary arts and baking and pastry arts.  He phones to tell us about (torture us with) all the delicious meals he’s having.  He gave New York City the ol’ college try but is now out in California where the weather is better and the lifestyle is a bit more sane! He worked his way through several restaurants in Santa Barbara and has landed, very happily, in San Francisco at Zuni Cafe.

Scott eating chicken foot in Mexico
Scott eating a delicious chicken foot with hot sauce, Mexico, 1996

Kenzi is the one who did all the deep-level programming on MundoHispano. In fact, she built so many MOOs, I lost track. She’s way past her multi-media Cold Paradigm Virtual Interactive Community (VIC) by now (it supported PuebloLindo, a multi-media Internet-based immersion experience for learners of Spanish). Her work in this area was a precursor to virtual worlds like Second Life.

A pioneer in the design of mini-micro remote controlled airplanes (sub-ounce!), she has also done a lot of work for JR Clancy – her programming is the magic behind “SceneControl: The magic behind automated rigging”. She regularly goes to the largest theaters in the country to do installs or upgrades. Her main job, however, is as a senior software engineer at Welch Allyn, an “internationally-recognized manufacturer of innovative medical diagnostic equipment and therapeutic devices” where her programming and development skills are being fully utilized.

For fun, she’s developing an electric motorcycle.

Her wonderful husband Joey has always been a perfect match for her, in more ways than we could ever have imagined. Their son Drew is very much the “little professor“, with highly advanced verbal expression and cognitive abilities. He could describe the physics of flight at age two and started programming when he was eight. Joey is the lead teacher in his homeschooling program. Drew is presently designing and building remote-controlled airplanes.