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These pages were created for the Spanish classes of Lonnie Chu in Syracuse, New York.

To find more pages for learning Spanish, mouse over the “Spanish” tab above or click on links to the right under the “SPANISH” heading.

The best way to use this site is to devote about an hour, early in the course you’re taking or teaching, to skimming through the page under each link.  Drill a little deeper into the links on the pages that you find most interesting.

Intercambios – SPA 101 and 102 Select a chapter from the drop-down menu, then try out the items on the left. The Chapter Resources and the verb conjugator are particularly useful.

Study Spanish – a great online site where you can learn a ton and practice it interactively. Lots of free content and quizzes, more advanced options for a small fee. Start with the Grammar tab and look up the grammar point that you’re learning. – Maybe the best Spanish-English dictionary online.

Pronounce Spanish

BBC Learn Spanish website Possibly the best complete site for learning Spanish anywhere on the Internet. Start by watching Mi Vida Loca. Also, check out the For beginners section.

NEW! Free iPod Touch/iPhone apps for learning Spanish

Tips for learning Spanish It’s silly to start learning Spanish without reading this page first.

Spanish rhyming dictionary This is tons of fun, and Spanish is so easy to rhyme!

Suavemente por Elvis Crespo

Nana de colores Manolo Sanlucar and Diego Carrasco (flamenco)