Foreign language educator (Spanish, ESL) Content writer and editor Vocalist: flamenco, fado, French, Italian, Spanish, classic jazz, etc I run Spanish courses from time to time in Easthampton, MA, at various levels. We get together for study, conversation, a little bit of cheap port and a lot of hilarity. Adult learners generally want to know […]


My online-only papers and informational web pages (Published papers on CV page) “MOOing in a foreign language: how, why, and who?” – paper written for the Information Technology Education Connection’s International Virtual Conference/Exhibition on Schooling and the Information Superhighway, 1996 “MOO and Chat: what’s the big difference to the language learner?” – informal paper, recently […]


Multi-user Virtual Environments (MUVEs) My experience in the development of the use of the Internet for foreign language education goes back to 1993. I have concentrated most heavily on email and Multi-User Domains (MUDs) like MOO and VICs, but have used and created email forums, websites, and a variety of chat environments for my students […]

Curriculum Vitae

Skills summary Teacher: teaching and training adults in academia and privately, face-to-face and online. Proficient in Blackboard, Angel, Canvas and Moodle. Writer, editor, proofreader:  published author, over five years experience as print and online writer/editor, deep understanding of language. Online community developer: created and administered dozens of online communities for a variety of platforms that have […]