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Lonnie Turbee

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Who, why, when, how?

Distance education delivery media

Web resources

Distance education providers

Discussion groups

Who gets educated at a distance? Why get educated at a distance? When can you take distance ed courses? How do you take distance ed courses?  How much does it cost? TOP

Distance education delivery media

Postal mail system

Traditional correspondence courses

Instructional audio

University of Idaho: Instructional audio


University of Idaho: Instructional Television:


University of Idaho: Interactive Videoconferencing in Distance Education

Proximity videoconferencing services provider

Strengths and weaknesses of videoconferencing for distance education:


World Wide Web University of Idaho: Distance Educatio and the WWW

Internet Teaching Forum: example of simple web board

Chat environments

WebChat Broadcasting System mIRC home page: best IRC client program Educational MOO: Text-based Virtual Reality for Learning in Community (ERIC Digest)

Virtual Reality in Education: Education and Moo, Mud, Mush

MOO and IRC: What’s the big difference to the language learner?

Gateways into DU: includes two web interfaces for accessing this MOO

Web Interaction Device: allows you to cruise around schMOOze University
(MOO for English language learning ) using only your web browser.

The Palace

Info on The Palace:
Scroll down to "Best Web site"

PuebloLindo: virtual interactive community for Spanish language learning
Note: PuebloLindo is no longer supported by Heinle & Heinle, nor is it available.  But you can get an idea of what it did at this site:

NetMeeting: text chat, Internet telephony, shared applications, shared whiteboard

FireTalk: New as of September, 1999.  Very good quality i-phone, text chat, easily-created rooms, and - get this: rooms that form at any website.


Web resources

NCATTC's Instructional Technology & Distance Ed WWW Resources (excellent site!)

TAFE SA - How can I study online?  (From Australia)

Human Resources Development Canada: Guide for Distance Learners

Distance Education at a Glance

get educated! adult education & distance learner's resource center


PBS Adult Learning Service Online

International University Consortium - Distance Ed

Distance Education Report

Distance Learning Resources

The Wellspring - An Online Community of Distance Educators

Distance Learning Resources and Links (may be a bit dated)

2020 Visions for the Future of Education: excellent paper by my favorite futurist, David Thornburg


Distance education providers

Low-cost and free courses courses covering computers, finance, hobbies, and more.

University of Wisconsin: Distance Education Clearinghouse

Western Governors University

New Hampshire College Distance Education Home Page

University of Idaho Engineering Outreach
Complete Distance-delivered Degree Programs

Asynchronous Learning Networks

The Open University (decades of distance education)

Parkland College Distance Education and Virtual Learning

The Globewide Network Academy

Language Connect Institute - Spanish distance language learning

International Thomson Publishing: World Class Learning

Real Education

Sentius Corp.:  Free software that makes it easy to create online teaching material


Discussion groups

DEOSNEWS - The Distance Education Online Symposium

The PHPTR Distance Learning mailing list

EDU-ONLINE -- The Discussion Group of Online Distance Education

The Wellspring - An Online Community of Distance Educators
Subscribe to their monthly e-newsletter at this site or join their threaded discussion forum.

NETEACH-L discussion forum for online ESL/EFL teachers

NETEACH-L MOO Sessions Info

DU Educational Technology Services, Inc.: educational MOO services

FUTURES-L futurists discussion forum:  "futures forum with hotlinks to coffee shoppe"


This page created for the Central New York Futurists Society by:
Lonnie Turbee

Last updated: December 1, 2000