Chus On Chow

I love to eat good, clean food, preferably grown nearby or even in my own garden. I deeply appreciate any chef who can present me with good, clean food that is also creative and that, above all, teaches me something. My husband, David Chu, and I both write in this blog.

Radical gardening

We removed a lot of turf from our urban property and slowly filled in with fruit, vegetables and bee-friendly perennials. For ten years we grew most of the vegetables that we would eat all year long, as well as an increasing amount of fruit. Then, suddenly, we were done. We’re downsizing stuff and tasks. But we know we can feed ourselves.


With funding from InterFaith Works and Sunnycrest Park, and in cooperation with Open Hand Theater, Imagining America, and the SU Chancellor’s Leadership Project, we built a giant street puppet for Eastwood for the fun of working with various people in our neighborhood, and also so we could participate in the Art-In-Motion Spectacular on Saturday, September 11, 2010.


On September 12, 2001, I attended my first meeting of the Real Estate Investors of Central New York (REICNY) and set about creating their online presence: their website and an email group now entering its 14th year.  Hospitality is in my veins and creating livable environments is not a job, it’s a calling.

Walkable Eastwood

After cutting my grassroots organizing teeth on saving an historic building from demolition in Liverpool, I started this website to celebrate the neighborhood in Syracuse to which Dave and I had moved. For several years I wrote about and worked with neighbors to prevent suburban-style development in this urban neighborhood. With several successes behind us and developers aware that improper development would always be challenged, I stopped writing in this website but continue to administer the Walkable Eastwood email group. If you read to the bottom of the post on the home page, you’ll find the one post that got about 99% of the comments… the only one not written by me. It is a heartfelt celebration of growing up in Eastwood.