The 5 Biggest Reasons For Having an Aspie On Your Course Development Team

So you’ve decided to offer a course to your subscribers.

Congratulations! How exciting – you get to build a course!

Then reality hits. You’re already juggling emails, opt-in pages, blog content and those pesky but oh-so-useful comments. You’re trying to figure out what your audience actually wants.

And beside all that, the kids want to be fed, the plumber needs to be paid, and your father-in-law just landed in the hospital for the fifth time this month.

You need an Aspie on your team.

Some people on the autistic spectrum are known as “Aspies,” from the word “Asperger’s”, a term used to denote a type of high-functioning autistic person. They vary considerably in their abilities, but there are thousands of them out there who have skills that you don’t.

You need at least one of them.

I know, I can hear the cries of incredulity. But the fact is, Aspies are often the people with the highest IQ in the room. And they have a bunch of traits that can help you be a course-creation rock star. Check it out:

1. Aspies excel at tasks where attention to detail and accuracy is required. They not only excel, they are driven to pay close attention to detail and identify errors. While your mind is juggling a host of problems, your Aspie teammate is hunkered down over your most recent post, finding the inconsistencies, the typos, the factual errors.

2. Aspies love rules and clear procedures. This is why they are ideal for writing tech manuals and detailed course outlines. When you’re teaching total newbies how to get a series of tasks done, you want your Aspie making sure that the procedures are clear, written in a logical step-by-step fashion. Your Aspie teammate will ensure that the right way as opposed to the wrong way to do things is made crystal clear to your learners.

3. Aspies are known for their conscientiousness and persistence. They have a great ability to concentrate without distraction on one particular task for lengthy periods. This means that, if they know the outcome you’re looking for, they will stick to the job until that outcome is reached.

4. Aspies think in a literal way. This means they bring concreteness to your otherwise mushy teaching materials. When your writing gets confusing, your Aspie teammate will hammer it into a shape that’s recognizable in the real world. This makes concepts much easier for your learners to grasp.

5. Many Aspies are visual thinkers. Temple Grandin explained this very well in her seminal book, Thinking In Pictures. This Aspie trait is great especially for all your visual learners and your text-processor learners. While plenty of your learners will have no problem processing audio input, your Aspie mostly likely will. He or she will be sure that your content is presented in visually succinct, useful and attractive ways that learners can easily locate.

So be like the big companies that actively recruit autistic workers to enhance their bottom line. You’ll be glad you did.

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