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While I don’t use “MOOs” much any more, my MundoHispano, the world’s first (1994) large Spanish-language social network, has been re-opened and available to anyone who wants to meander through its thousands of rooms.

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Upcoming Spanish immersion course

Weekend of July 13-15:

Intermediate level course. For those who have studied Spanish in the past and have at least been exposed to regular, irregular and stem-changing verbs in the present tense, use of prepositions, and use of object pronouns. After a review, you would be ready to be introduced to the past tenses and the subjunctive mood.

This will be an immersive experience: two hours on Friday evening, 10am – 3pm on Saturday and Sunday with a 1-hour lunch break at noon.

Classes are a mixture of exposure to new concepts and vocabulary, practice with forms, and a lot of conversation. The atmosphere is relaxed and hilarity is guaranteed to ensue.

The course will be taught in Easthampton, MA. The fee is $130 for the course.

Please contact me for more information, to sign up, and/or to receive recommendations from my previous students.