My online-only papers and informational web pages
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“MOOing in a foreign language: how, why, and who?” – paper written for the Information Technology Education Connection’s International Virtual Conference/Exhibition on Schooling and the Information Superhighway, 1996
“MOO and Chat: what’s the
big difference to the language learner?”
– informal paper, recently updated (12/1/00).

Language learning MOO theory and practical application – outline of a presentation I gave at the TESOL ’99 convention.

Notas para la clase de español A huge selection of online tools and information for learners of Spanish.  Includes numerous Spanish chat sites.

Basic Elements of Web Design: Created for teens in Liverpool, NY, learning web design concepts.  Check out your own site against these criteria! October 4, 2001.

Interactive Distance Education for the Adult Learner: What’s up next? What’s in it for the teacher? – Presented at the Central New York Staff Development Consortium’s DISTANCE LEARNING INSTITUTE 2001, June 5 & 6, 2001.

Integrating virtual communities into the language class – the virtual version of the handout for a pre-conference institute at the TESOL ’99 convention – with Greg Younger.

Nerd or mystic: the experience of being a technology leader – my portion of a colloquium, “Providing Support for Technology Leaders,”  presented at the TESOL ’99 convention in New York with Heidi Shetzer, Leslie Hammersmith and Greg Younger.  Contains links to the main page with its links to everyone else’s work.

Resource guide for distance education: – a compilation of links and ideas.

How to conduct effective research on the Internet – a presentation for the Professional Consultants Association, Syracuse, New York.  February 5, 1999.

Taboo language for learners of English – links and ideas.

Perilous Ascent of El Teide – an article I wrote for Syracuse Language.

San Miguel de Allende – An Insider’s View – another article I wrote for Syracuse Language.  (Only parts of it available now.)

Papers by others pertinent to online learning

“Constructing” Language at MundoHispano” Paper written by Cathy Hall to fulfill requirements for Masters program, about the constructivist learning experience available at MundoHispano MOO.  First link is Cathy’s beautiful version. This version looks like a word-processed document.

MOOs and Language Learning by Lesley Shield, Markus J.Weininger and Lawrence B.Davies.  Top-notch, easy-to-understand site with good links at the end.

MOOFrancais and MH: a teacher’s perspective by Lesley Nelson, Lecturer in Spanish at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and the driving force behind much activity on both MOOs.

The home page of Klaus Schwienhorst. Don’t miss these excellent papers.  Click on “Publications” once at this site.

Educational uses for Virtual Realities: links to files, links to over 60 EdMOOs MUSHes MUDs, and basic, getting-started info

How to Run a Good On Line Service” for listowners and MOO Wizards

Surveying the Body Electric, or How Voyeurism Transforms Audience and E-valuationby Tim Krause, Purdue University

La World Wide Web en la clase de E/LE (The World Wide Web in the Spanish as a Foreign Language class) by Mar Cruz Piñol, Universidad de Barcelona (in Spanish)

Presence in Text-Based Networked Virtual Environments or “MUDS”
by John Towell and Elizabeth Towell Presence6(5) 590-595, 1997.

Making Virtual Communities Work John Suler, Ph.D. – Rider University  January 1996

MUDs in Education: New Environments, New Pedagogies by Tari Lin Fanderclai (

The inimitable Quang Phuc Dong:

English Sentences Without Overt Grammatical Subject